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Here at Beautiful Yogi we celebrate Mindfulness, Yoga and Creativity as key elements in all classes and workshops.


We encourage our students to know that they are UNLIMITED in so many ways.


Having to believe in those INNER truths of self love, discipline and power we create a space for students to breakthrough fears, and anxiety to fully expressing their unique self.

Hi, I'm Bella

I was born and raised in South East London with Mauritian Roots. I am a qualified Kids, Teen and Family Yoga Instructor and founder of BEAUTIFUL YOGI.


My teachings have taken me around the world from Yoga Studios and Schools in the UK to the forests of Pennsylvania USA. I’m incredibly passionate about sharing the gift of yoga with young people and creating an environment which allows them to be expressive.


Once we unveil a deeper connection with ourselves we then can truly connect with others and reach our greatest potential in life.

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"I’ve worked with Bella in my primary after school clubs teaching yoga and she brings a warmth, kindness and gentle teaching style to every child that she interacts with. Incredibly spirited and inspirational in her delivery of practicing mindfulness and traditional yoga postures, children enjoy her presence and eagerly participate during her instruction. Bella brings energy and enthusiasm to yoga, making it fun and engaging for kids and parents alike. She’s and absolute joy to work with and watch in action"


—  Trinity Yoga, CEO

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